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Hike, stay and relax in the Sierra de Espadán for 3 days; a protected nature reserve with enchanting forests full of cork oaks, bubbling brooks and red ravines . You can sleep and eat at **** Ecohotel Mar de Fulles, an (almost) energy-neutral hotel / restaurant with yoga facilities.

Mar de Fulles is a unique, sustainable project. Due to the orientation of the building in relation to the sun, air conditioning or heating is not required (almost) all year round. All electricity is generated and stored on site. The hotel rooms do not have a TV, but a panoramic window with a view of the mountains. There is a private water source and water purification.

Ingredients for the kitchen come from your own garden or from the neighborhood. Water, ecological wine and beer are bottled especially for the hotel. And in the huge park surrounding the hotel are hives for delicious organic honey. And you can compensate for your own CO2 by planting a tree. The oldest tree in the park is a monumental cork oak of 650 years old!

And in the stream the kingfisher feels like a fish in the water.




Christy_Alcornoque_Mar de FullesDSC_2535

Sierra de Espadán Natural Park

Serpentine cork and rugged ravines

Sierra de Espadán Natural Park takes its name from the high, pointed mountains of red sandstone. This rock is porous and retains water. That is why you will find many springs and streams in the area. Mixing sun, mineral-rich soil and humidity provides an enormous biodiversity.

That's why the Sierra de Espadán is also called 'the Mediterranean Jungle'. A characteristic tree is the cork oak , with a jagged trunk and wonderful branches. During the walk, you will undoubtedly encounter beautiful reptiles and birds of prey. Perhaps the most fascinating is the short-toed eagle, which with its white belly and enormous wings contrasts sharply with the Mediterranean blue sky.

In fact, you don't need a car for this hiking package of a few days, because you can walk straight into nature from the hotel.  

TITELBEELD Sierra Espadan_organos Benita

Hiking trails and activities

Lagoons and Moorish castles

One of the walking routes goes to La Dehesa, a protected nature reserve with a small lagoon. We also find millstones along the way, which were formerly carved out of the rocks in this place. The area is full of olive and almond trees, which bloom profusely in February.

A challenging route - for experienced hikers - goes to the ruins of the 'Castillo de Castro'. This castle is located on top of a steep rock, which protrudes as an extra tower above the surroundings.

An easy route goes to the caves of San Josep, near the town of Vall d'Uixo. Here is the longest navigable underground river in Europe, and you can take a boat trip there.

Hotel Mar de Fulles has 2 yoga areas.

And the huge front garden has all kinds of seats and hammocks.

The pool is also open from May to October. The water flows seamlessly into the décor of mountains in the background.

And as an extra activity you can also join a beekeeper.

We can also provide bicycles, e-bikes or mountain bikes. This will bring dozens of walking or cycling routes within your reach.

amandelbomen op terrassen2.jpg

3 nights, 2 days

Walking package with overnight stay and breakfast

The walking package lasts 3 days as standard, met 2 nights including an extensive breakfast and detailed hiking maps of routes in the area. You can also get GPS tracks from these routes, which you can use with the Wikiloc app. This allows you to find your way in nature with your own mobile phone.
(Take an extra battery with you, because the navigation function uses a lot of power.)

Price for 3 days/2 nights:
from 219€, depending on date. 
Price is per person, based on a stay in a double room including an extensive breakfast. Price may vary during school holidays and local holidays. 
Extension is of course possible.

The hotel has a fantastic restaurant, where you can enjoy lunch and/or dinner (not included). Alternatively, you can go to the village of Alfondeguilla, 5km away.

The Sierra de Espadán and the hotel are 15 km from the Mediterranean Sea and about 50 km from Valencia. 
We can arrange a transfer by car or minibus for you. Price approx. 90€ (1-4 persons), one way.

The most sustainable is of course a transfer by bicycle!We have mapped out a beautiful cycling route from Valencia to the hotel, distance about 55 km. Or a shorter ride from Soneja station (17 km) or Sagunto (approx. 25 km).
This route goes as much as possible on bicycle paths, agricultural roads and partly through the orange groves.
You can make a one-way trip by bicycle, where we will collect the bicycle after arrival and immediately deliver your luggage.
Or you keep the bicycle during your entire stay, as a means of transport on site. 
Price depending on the number of days, number of people, type of bicycle and possible luggage transport.

Or combine your stay at Mar de Fulles with abike ride on the Via Verde rail bike path.

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