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COVID 19 UPDATES (as of January 4, 2022)
There are no travel restrictions within Spain.
Face masks are only mandatory when visiting a doctor or hospital and in the train, bus, metro and taxi.

If you have Corona during your stay in Spain, you no longer have to be quarantined.

You are expected to keep your distance and wear a face mask if you are infected yourself.

Mouth masks and disinfectant gel can be purchased at every supermarket, drugstore, etc.

The rental of the bicycles usually includes the rental of a helmet.

You can also buy brand new helmets from us if you prefer. 

Please let us know in advance so that we can purchase the right size for you.


If you have to change your trip due to a new outbreak of COVID19 in Spain, we will cooperate free of charge in changing all reservations of accommodations and services on the chosen route.


For new bookings (from July 2022) we ask for a deposit of only 20% of the total travel sum.

(Usual was 25-35%). You pay this at the time of booking.

You only pay the remainder of your travel sum 14 days before departure.

All (down) payments for the trip are covered by a legal guarantee scheme,

so that even in the event of bankruptcy of the organizer you get your paid money back.

Richard van Kruchten, director SPAINISH

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