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In the calendar below you can see the planned departure dates for the coming season and the corresponding price for the trip. Please note: Several trips are shown in the calendar at the same time. 

If you click on a trip, you will see all the associated details.

This calendar is regularly updated. The stated travel dates and rates are subject to change.

Do you have questions or are you interested in a trip? 

Then fill in the form for a quote or call +34 677 709 109 (Richard).

See you soon, ¡Hasta pronto!

The calendar may not be visible on your mobile phone or tablet, apologies for the inconvenience...

Alternatively, you can view this PDF file.

Here you will find the rates per person, excluding bicycle rental and excluding luggage transport.

Rent a trekking bike with pannier and helmet: €15 per day.

Rent E-bike with Bosch mid-engine, pannier, helmet, €40 per day

(You can also bring your own bike.)

Luggage transport: approx. €35 per person per day, depending on the chosen trip.


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